About us

“Farming is family work and we have plenty of help here.”

Nicobio is: family, co-workers, Wwoofers and social inclusion.

The NicoBIO family
Elena, Federico, Clòè, Tideg, Anais and Ysè

Cooking is hospitality. In the farmhouse, Elena and the girls knead the flour and yeast into dough and cook seasonal dishes daily. They are the ones who will welcome you upon your arrival.

Cultivating means caring. Federico is in the fields, working the land and gathering the vegetables he will then take to the farmer’s market.

Nicobio is also a social farm…

Alongside our family, Samuele and Filippo are our indispensable helpers and very dear friends; but every month we create wonderful friendships with young people from all over the world; people who share a passion for rural culture or need a helping hand along their path to social inclusion and employment.